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    Indiana Tech
  Oct 19, 2017

Communication, B.A.

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Communication is life.  Skills of effective communication lead to success in life.  In today’s global economy, students must have the knowledge and skills to navigate a highly competitive environment.  A degree in communication from Indiana Tech prepares students to steer a course through such a complex world.  Indiana Tech’s communication degree offers students a well-rounded educational experience. The communication program combines a sound foundation of communication theories and principles with practical application through our Sports Media and Media Studies concentrations.  Through courses in journalism, television and media studies, and multiple opportunities for internships, students will graduate from Indiana Tech’s communication program ready to pursue a successful career. 


A communications degree from Indiana Tech prepares a student for a flexible job future. In addition to possible graduate study, Communications majors earn positions in such fields as:

  • Corporate Media Relations
  • Journalism
  • Publishing and Editing
  • Crisis Management
  • Public Relations
  • Law and Politics

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and historical trends in the field of communication
  2. Write a sustained, reasoned argument pertaining to a topic in contemporary political or communication theory
  3. Analyze thoroughly a persuasive message and argument in terms of both classical and modern rhetorical strategies
  4. Present to an audience a sustained and reasoned argument using appropriate presentational tools in a highly professional manner
  5. Understand the importance of ethical behavior

Required Courses

College Readiness

Business and Technology

English & Humanities


  • Humanities - Electives (3 credits must be literature) Credit(s): 9
  • Social Science - Electives Credit(s): 6
  • Science - Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Approved - Electives Credit(s): 15*

*If no concentration is declared, students will be required to complete 30 Credits of Approved - Electives in place of concentration courses.

Concentrations: Communication Majors choose one of the following concentrations

Media Studies Concentration

Total Credits Required: 121

4-Year Plan

Total: 16

Total: 15

Semester III

Total: 15

Semester IV

Total: 15

Semester V

Total: 15

Semester VI

Total: 15

Semester VII

Total: 12

Semester VIII

Total: 15

Total Credits Required: 121

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