Jan 16, 2022  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Arts and Sciences

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The College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana Tech is dedicated to extending learning beyond traditional borders and engaging a richly diverse student population. Our college promotes innovative learning experiences for all students in career programs, social sciences, humanities, and language arts which will enhance their critical, intellectual and creative skills necessary in our complex world.

Convinced that learning in the liberal arts is essential to developing the whole person, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to promote critical, intellectual and creative skills. The College of Arts and Sciences will achieve its vision through continually improving the educational experiences of our students. The college offers semester, accelerated, and distance learning courses to accommodate the educational needs of all students. We meet current and evolving demands of life and work beyond the college classroom by engaging in the following efforts:

  • Providing outstanding general education courses integrated with each student’s major
  • Providing an Honors Program to engage students in a variety of academically challenging and imaginative experiences
  • Providing career programs in communication, criminal justice, elementary education, health information technology, health information management, intensive English, physical education, prelaw, psychology, recreation management, recreation and leisure studies and recreation therapy
  • Providing academic minors in coaching and human performance, criminal justice, English, humanities and psychology
  • Engaging in a cycle of college program and policy review as a means of ongoing assessment and continuous improvement
  • Emphasizing integrity and ethical behavior in all work and life decisions
  • Employing and developing faculty who create outstanding new programs, shape curricula, teach and mentor students

Center for Criminal Justice

Part of the College of Arts and Sciences

The field of criminal justice is continuously becoming more complex, diversified and technical in nature. Exciting new opportunities await individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the field as police officers, crime scene technicians, correction officers, juvenile justice officers and counselors, probation workers, homeland security officers, FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, customs officers, lawyers, security agents and private investigators.

The work of Indiana Tech’s Center for Criminal Justice reflects the complex nature of modern police work. The center emphasizes learning focused on preparing students to succeed. Our programs include courses in criminal investigation, police work, corrections, juvenile justice, police operations, crime scene analysis, criminal profiling and law. To deliver the courses, we rely on a diverse group of professionals in the fields of police work, criminal intelligence, the military, law, probation, juvenile justice and psychology. These professionals have advanced degrees and specialty training that makes them experts in their respective fields. Having professionals in the classroom also allows students to have access to instructors’ real life experiences, firsthand knowledge of the job and career guidance.

Indiana Tech’s instructors use a problem-solving approach to teaching. Since criminal justice involves solving human problems, this type of experiential teaching transfers quite well to the workplace. Examples of experiential learning include processing a crime scene, structuring a criminal profile, conducting mock criminal interrogations and doing a behavioral analysis of a criminal. To encourage future job success, the criminal justice department encourages student internships at the local, state, federal and private level.

In addition to expert instructors, we are committed to using the latest technology in the classroom. Students use criminal intelligence, digital imagery, forensic computer software, software for composite drawing and crime scene software in their classes. Indiana Tech will continue to push the envelope to ensure that our students are up to date in the war against crime.

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