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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Professional Studies

Our Academic Philosophy

The College of Professional Studies (CPS) offers professionally oriented degree programs for students who cannot attend college full time in a traditional format. Degree programs in accounting, business, criminal justice, general studies, health information technology, human services, industrial and manufacturing engineering, information systems, organizational leadership, and psychology are targeted toward students who have some workplace experience but seek more education to achieve their career goals.

The degree programs are developed by the College of Business, College of General Studies, and the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. The course work and academic objectives are the same as you would find in our traditional programs. The structure of the programs, however, allows adult learners to complete courses in a compressed timeframe. An entire semester of material is covered in five or six weeks. Students must be committed to attending each class and reserving time outside of class for study and homework. Online classes give students the flexibility to access course material when and where they want within that five- or six-week class structure.

While these programs are academically challenging, Indiana Tech simplifies many of the administrative details of attending college. For example, registering for classes can be completed by phone or online. In addition, textbooks and other course materials are shipped to students prior to the first class meeting. Almost any process, from making tuition payments to changing a major, can be completed through the university website. Less time spent shopping for textbooks or filling out paperwork leaves more time for studying and meeting life’s challenges.

The College of Professional Studies is dedicated to helping students achieve personal and professional goals. The degree programs focus on knowledge and skills needed for the real world. If you have any questions about the programs, please call 800.288.1766 or explore our website at www.IndianaTech.edu.

TEAM Courses

Although the College of Professional Studies gives students a great deal of flexibility in scheduling, some degree programs do require that a group of courses be taken in a certain order. This system, referred to as Tracked Educational Adult Modules (TEAM), uses a tracked teaching approach with students organized into TEAM groups of 12 to 18 members. The TEAM proceeds in a predetermined order through the courses that are unique to the degree.

Academic and Professional Support

Indiana Tech offers a variety of resources for students in need of academic or professional guidance. The accelerated pace of courses in the College of Professional Studies challenges students to maintain focus on the course material. If you feel the need for extra assistance, you can take advantage of free tutoring services offered by the university. Upper-level students who have shown success in specific subjects work as tutors for students who need one-on-one help to succeed in a course.

All CPS students also have access to McMillen Library on the Fort Wayne campus. McMillen Library offers electronic access to an online catalog, full-text databases, and the Internet. Remote access also is available for searching from the Indiana Tech website at library.IndianaTech.edu. Additional services include reference, library instruction, and intra-library loan services.

Resource materials and computer access also are available in the Academic Resource Centers at Indiana Tech’s regional campuses. The books and periodicals available at each center are chosen to supplement material covered in the courses offered through the College of Professional Studies. Computers provided at each center have Internet access and the business software required to complete assignments, as well as tutorials on using the software.

Because your path to success does not end at graduation, Indiana Tech also offers professional guidance through the Career Center. The Career Center can assist you with résumé or cover letter critiques, practice interviews, questions regarding career changes, relocation, salary expectations, and much more. Career advisors are based in Fort Wayne, Elkhart and Indianapolis, but are available to all of our student through email, phone, Skype, and FaceTime.

Warrior Information Network

At Indiana Tech, we take pride in our commitment to our students. To serve you better, we have established the Warrior Information Network (WIN) as a centralized source for administrative needs. One call to 888.832.4742 does it all, handling all of your needs from registration through graduation.

Our student services representatives are specially trained to serve student needs, such as:

  • Class registration
  • Changes of personal information (address, phone number, e-mail)
  • Account questions (balances, payments, payment schedules)
  • Course withdrawals
  • Financial aid questions
  • Degree audits

WIN representatives also can provide general information such as:

  • Directions to class locations
  • Information on schedules
  • Help accessing my.IndianaTech, Blackboard or student email

Instead of calling different departments on different campuses, call the WIN with any question or problem you may have. You don’t have to search for the right person or wait for a returned phone call. Just enjoy helpful, convenient service.

The three ways to contact the WIN are:

  • E-mail: WIN@indianatech.edu.
  • Telephone: 888.832.4742, from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday with the exception of holidays.
  • Fax: 260.424.4831 or toll-free 888.832.4844.