Jun 28, 2022  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog v2 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog v2

Network Management, A.S.

This program provides the student with a background in local and wide area network (LAN/WAN) design and implementation. Network administration issues are also addressed. This program helps to prepare a student to pursue certification as a Cisco Certified Networking Associate. Graduates will be prepared to enter the networking field at a technician level. Graduates will be able to assist in the design and installation of network solutions for businesses, schools or government offices.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and implement a network cable plan according to current standards.
  2. Manage switches and routers in a LAN/WAN environment.
  3. Set up network devices such as servers, printers and host computers.
  4. Set up and manage user network accounts.
  5. Communicate effectively with technical personnel.

Required Courses

General Education Core

Total Credits Required: 24

Total Credits Required: 34

Approved Electives: 3 Credits

Preparatory Core 2

Total Credits Required: 61

2-Year Plan

Total Credits Required: 61