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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Science, B.S.

A Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Indiana Tech will prepare you for immediate career placement in a wide range of clinical and allied health care professions that are in high demand across the country.

With coursework that includes anatomy, physiology, health care management, data analysis, psychology and biomedical research, you will learn medical and clinical terminology, protocol and practices, and you will be able to demonstrate critical thinking, inquiry and analysis in scientific, medical and clinical contexts. Graduates of the Bachelor of Health Science Degree Program will demonstrate mastery of the following learning outcomes as assessed by their participation in class, completion of class assignments and assessments, presentations, and projects.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate quantitative, logical, and analytical thinking that is based on scientific inquiry.

2. Demonstrate critical thinking ability centered on scientific inquiry.

3. Demonstrate mastery of the concepts and application of human anatomy, human physiology, and human pathology, with an emphasis on human medical diagnostic imaging modalities and diagnostics, to human health.

4. Demonstrate proficiency, competency, and knowledge of medical and clinical-based terminology and communication that includes awareness of scientific, peer-reviewed journals related to their specialized field.

5. Demonstrate knowledge in searching for and applying peer-reviewed scientific evidence in their professional health care-based communication and decision-making practices.

6. Demonstrate in a health care, medical, rehabilitative, and/or clinical-setting, proper professional behavior and conduct and a strong knowledge and awareness of current federal and state health care policies including confidentiality laws and the patient’s bill of rights.

Required Courses

General Education Core

Total Credits Required: 39

Total Credits Required: 81

Preparatory Core 1

Total Credits Required: 120

4-year plan

Total: 16

Total: 15

Total: 16

Semester IV

Total: 17

Total: 16

Total: 16

Semester VII

Total: 15

Semester VIII

Total: 12

Total Credits Required: 120