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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration - InsurTech, B.S.

This concentration is only available in the College of Professional Studies.

Indiana Tech’s InsurTech concentration provides students with an effective way to distinguish themselves by having the knowledge and skills required to meet the changing technological needs of insurance professionals and insurance companies.  Topics include enterprise risk management, data analytics, emergent technologies, liability management and effective management of change and innovation.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. General Business Knowledge - Students will demonstrate core foundational knowledge in the field of business.
  2. Communication and Leadership Skills - Students will be able to give and exchange information within meaningful context and with appropriate delivery and interpersonal skills.
  3. Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills - Students will be able to link data, knowledge, and insight together to provide quality advice for decision-making.
  4. Focus on the Customer, Client, and Market - Students will be able to anticipate and meet the changing needs of clients, employers, customers, and markets better than competitors.
  5. Interpretation of Converging Information - Students will be able to interpret and provide a broader context using financial and non-financial information.
  6. Technologically Adept - Students will be able to utilize and leverage technology in ways that add value to clients, customers, and employers. Students will be able to use information technology as a tool to do essential business tasks.
  7. Ethics - Students will be able to apply effective ethical decision making. Students will be able to apply business-related legal and ethical principles in business, and apply them to organizational decision-making.

Required Courses

General Education Core CoB

Total Credits Required: 39

Total Credits Required: 15

Approved Electives: 27 credits

Preparatory Core 1

Total Credits Required: 120