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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Supply Chain Management - Quality Management, B.S.

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This program is designed in support of Indiana Tech’s Phase 2 - Implementation proposal of the Charting the Future for Indiana’s Colleges and Universities Initiative. Indiana Tech has been invited to participate in this initiative and has identified the opportunity to further develop academic offerings in the area of engineering technologies.

 As articulated in the Lilly Endowment grant the Supply Chain Management program represents a needed technical program with Indiana Tech’s College of Business and one that will provide important opportunities for cross-college collaboration. The vision of Indiana Tech as articulated in the grant proposal is that the Supply Chain Management program will align particularly well with existing programs, courses, and faculty in the fields of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Project Management and Analytics. 

Program Learning Objectives

Supply chain management has responsibility for the movement of raw materials and component parts into and within a business firm and to the distribution of finished products and services to customers.

The Supply Chain Management program developed at Indiana Tech will provide students with a background for the design and management of supply chains including qualitative and quantitative modeling of supply chain systems. The Supply Chain Management curriculum has a focus on technical and analytical skills, leadership, and communication proficiency.

 Students will learn analytical skills used in system design frameworks and modeling that support data-driven decision making. Students will be able to identify and solve complex supply chain problems and will demonstrate heightened levels of proficiency in the investigation of complex problems grounded in mathematics, computer science, business, decision science and engineering.  In addition, students will learn techniques used to formulate solutions that meet specified needs with regard to public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic considerations.

 The provided material will develop skills in high demand for career paths in areas such as healthcare, energy systems, financial management, insurance, manufacturing and production systems, military planning, shipping and distribution, and transportation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Supply Chain Management graduates will successfully demonstrate the following program outcomes:

1.    Critical Thinking:  Students will exemplify critical thinking skills and will demonstrate an ability to obtain and process qualitative and quantitative information to make data driven decisions focused on solve supply chain management problems.

2.    Analytical Tools:  Students will apply decision-support tools to business decision making and will illustrate analytical mastery of content knowledge in problem solving.

3.    Communication:  Students will deliver effective and professional communications using a variety of delivery venues.

4.    Leadership:  Students will apply strategic planning skills to effect change initiatives under supply chain management circumstances within the business context.

5.    Teamwork: Students will contribute to the development of high performing teams and collaborative working environments.

Required Courses

General Education Core

Total Credits Required: 39

Total Credits Required: 48-49

Total Credits Required: 21

Approved Electives: 12 Credits

Preparatory Core 2

Total Credits Required: 120-121

4-Year Plan for Traditional Degree Only

Total: 16

Semester II

Total: 15

Semester III

Total: 15

Semester IV

Total: 15

Total: 15

Semester VI

Total: 15

Semester VII

Total: 15

Semester VIII

  • Quality Management - Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Approved - Elective Credit(s): 12

Total: 15

Total Credits Required: 121

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