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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Intensive English Program

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Mission Statement

The mission of Indiana Tech’s Intensive English Program (IEP) is to enable non-native English speaking students who have completed high school, either in the U.S. or in another country, to develop and synthesize the core English language proficiency skills necessary for success in the college programs as well as in a global environment.


The three-level curriculum includes the following courses with three credit hours each. In addition to class meeting hours (Spring and Fall: 20 hours per week for 16 weeks; 25 hours per week for 12 weeks), online computer-assisted language labs are integrated into each level to facilitate student learning. A student has to successfully complete each level with a grade of C and  up and pass the end-of-course exams prior to enrolling in the next level.

Upon successful completion of Advanced level, the student should plan to apply for enrollment in his/her academic courses in the following semester if he/she plans to complete a degree at Indiana Tech.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Intensive English Program course sequence, the student will:


  1. Demonstrate academic readiness for content-area courses in an American post-secondary system

1.1 Effectively employ college resources to navigate the academic environment
1.2 Perform sufficient competence with information technology


  1. Demonstrate ability to comprehend, interpret and apply spoken, written and socio-cultural forms of communication in English

2.1 Read with comprehension of both contents and organization
2.2 Recognize and employ elements of socio-cultural communication appropriate to a variety of situations


  1. Demonstrate ability in applying a range of language structures to interact effectively in interpersonal and academic situations

3.1 Speak with accuracy and fluency to report information and express ideas and opinions
3.2 Write about a variety of topics with correctness, clarity and detail


  1. Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication competence

4.1 Display understanding of and respect for cultures of fellow students
4.2 Demonstrate awareness of and ability to function effectively in the U.S. culture and society

Admission to the IEP and Indiana Tech

All applicants and admissions decisions are made by the Indiana Tech International Admissions and Services. Students may apply for study in the IEP, or they may apply for admission to Indiana Tech’s academic studies. If a student has only applied to study English, he or she is admitted for “IEP only.”

If a student has been admitted to Indiana Tech’s studies, but has not reached a high enough level of English proficiency, that student is given “conditional admission.” These students can take 1-2 academic classes while taking IEP courses with the approval by IEP director. Successful completion of the IEP advance level or receiving a satisfactory score of an English test, e.g. TOEFL or IELT, is one pathway for full admission.

Learning Environment and Support

Students in the Intensive English Program learn in a student-centered learning community. Online computer-assisted language labs, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, have been integrated into each level to facilitate student learning. All learning support services provided by Indiana Tech are available to students in the Intensive English Program.

Placement Testing Requirement

Every new IEP student takes the IEP placement test to be placed in the appropriate level as soon as he/she arrives at Indiana Tech. The test includes Listening, Reading, Grammar/using, and Writing. 

All new IEP students must attend placement testing as soon as he/she arrives in Indiana.  A student will be placed in class with the lowest level his/her placement test indicates. For example, if a student receives elementary level in Listening and Reading and intermediate level in Grammar and Writing, he/she will be placed in all elementary level classes. If a student receives intermediate level in Reading and Grammar, in advanced level in Listening and Writing, he/she will be placed in all intermediate level classes. A student will be placed in the same level for all of his/her classes.

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