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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, Project Management Concentration, M.B.A.

The MBA focuses on examining an organization from a functional strategic approach. This approach includes emphasis on management, marketing, finance, accounting, and economic principles in both the domestic and international marketplaces. MBA students can become immersed in a concentration that best fits their goals. Concentrations are offered in accounting, health care management, human resources, management and marketing.

Core Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Advanced Knowledge in Business: Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge in the functional areas of business
  2. Strategic Analysis: Students will be able to analyze business situations, identify external opportunities and threats with a view toward proposing comprehensive strategic recommendations.
  3. Complex Problem Solving: Students will demonstrate complex problem solving skills.
  4. Strategic-Level Ethical Reasoning: Students will be able to identity and evaluate strategic-level ethical dilemmas and apply ethical decision-making techniques to resolve them.
  5. Strategic Use of Information Technology: Students will be able to use information technology as a tool for business strategy.
  6. Strategic Communications: Students will be able to communicate effectively in a business setting.
  7. Content: Students will demonstrate advanced and holistic knowledge in their respective areas of studies and will be able to integrate and apply that knowledge into practice.
  8. Ethics: Students will demonstrate responsibility, accountability, and ethical consciousness in their decision making in academic and professional settings.
  9. Communication and Technology: Students will demonstrate advanced written and verbal communication skills and ability to use effectively diverse technology tools to evaluate and communicate data in professional and academic settings.
  10. Research and Critical Thinking: Students will have the knowledge of their discipline’s research methods and apply advanced analytical skills and research methods to collect and examine data as well as evaluate their own thoughts, complex situations, and research implications for creative solutions.
  11. Diversity: Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural uniqueness, respect and appreciation for differences, as well ability to capitalize on diverse views in their personal and professional interactions.

Elective Courses are any graduate-level courses (except MBA/MSE/MSOL/MSPSY 5000) offered by the unversity or accepted as transfer credit.

Required Courses

Also Required

Project Management Concentration

Electives: 6 Credits

Total Credits Required: 36

Elective courses are any graduate-level business courses offered by the university or accepted as transfer credit.