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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Forensic Science, B.S.

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Indiana Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science will prepare students for a variety of laboratory-based and advanced forensic science careers. Coursework including molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, chemistry and statistics will help you become a professional with the knowledge, skills, and experience to excel in your chosen career path.

Students will be immersed in diverse forensic science content areas including forensic serology and forensic DNA analysis. Students will also learn the methods used to help catch criminals in the real world.

The Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science will develop attributes of life-long learning. The proposed courses for this major demonstrate a unique combination of biology, chemistry, physics and social sciences that will be augmented by scientific writing, leadership, communication, and professional development. These skills and disciplines will be nested within an environment of inquiry-based learning.

Students in this program will accomplish these Program Learning Outcomes:

1.    Use inquiry-based learning consistently to nurture creativity, innovation, and best practices.

2.    Approach problems consistently with open-minded approaches to yield productive and effective solutions.

3.    Develop skills to courageously confront complex issues alongside the realization of the fleeting nature of precise answers.

4.    Tackle authentic, poorly formed challenges to transform large-scale problems into local projects.

5.    Accept peer review with an attitude of openness and understanding.

6.    Practice professional engagement in discourse with honesty that promotes trust based on candid, encompassing, and inclusive dialogue.

7.    Connect with diverse audiences, communicating clearly and concisely.

8.    Develop true self-awareness that manifests efficient and effective action with humble confidence.

9.    Respect themselves, the environment, and collaborators in the present and throughout the future.

These learning outcomes are designed to immediately bring Freshman students into the work of scientists, leveraging their excitement and motivation to positively impact student retention and success.

General Education Core

***Please note, if courses are duplicated between general education and the major, approved electives increase by the number of credits duplicated.***

How to Communicate

Choose one course (at least 3 credits) from each building block:

How to Analyze

Choose one course (at least 3 credits) from each building block:

Qualitative Analysis

Total Credits Required: 9

How to Lead

Choose one course (at least 3 credits) from each building block:

Lead Self

Lead Others

Lead Globally

Total Credits Required: 9

Global Issues Problem Solving Seminar

Total Credits Required: 3

Total Credits Required: 30

Forensic Science Core

Total Credits Required: 100

*Must take at least 3 credits total of Forensic Science Research

Preparatory Core 3

Total Credits Required: 130

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