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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Addictions Counseling, B.S.

Addictions Counseling prepares students for work in a rewarding career helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. The degree is designed for students as well as career professionals to gain the knowledge, competencies, and skills needed to begin a career working with addicted persons or to advance their professional credentials.

Students who complete this degree will have completed all undergraduate requirements leading toward a Licensed Addictions Counselor position in the State of Indiana.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

1. Develop entry-level mastery of knowledge of substance use, misuse, and effective treatment for addiction problems.

2. Demonstrate skills in engagement and facilitation of addiction recovery strategies.

3.Discuss state and federal regulations, ethical practices, and client rights in the counseling field.

4. Apply learned knowledge and acquired skills to addictions counseling in field settings.

General Education Core

***Please note, if courses are duplicated between general education and the major, approved electives increase by the number of credits duplicated.***

How to Communicate

Choose one course (at least 3 credits) from each building block:

How to Analyze

Choose one course (at least 3 credits) from each building block:

Qualitative Analysis

Total Credits Required: 9

How to Lead

Choose one course (at least 3 credits) from each building block:

Global Issues Problem Solving Seminar

Total Credits Required: 3

Total Credits Required: 30

Addictions Counseling Core

Choose one of the following courses:

Choose one of the following courses:

  • Psychology - Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Social Science - Elective Credit(s): 3

Total Credits Required: 87-88

Approved Electives: 3 Credits

Preparatory Core 1

Total Credits Required: 120-121